Melbourne Perfume Company

The Melbourne Perfume Company design an exciting range of high quality fragrances with all the subtle magic of many of the world’s most exclusive perfumes, offered to you at a fraction of Designer prices.Using only the finest ingredients sourced from the South of France our fragrances are oil based, eau de parfum strength and matured to last 6-7 hours.

Our perfume & cologne range has been inspired by the top fragrance houses of the world. We have not copied their fragrances, but created our own fragrance using some of the notes and ingredients from these well known houses.

Naturally none of our fragrances contain animal products – nor are they tested on animals. Proudly made in Australia.

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Customise branding for corporate events

We can etch your company name or logo into our Melbourne Perfume Bottles and brand them for your company. A unique idea with long lasting memories for a special occasion or corporate event.
Please email for prices and further information.
To receive our corporate information pack please phone 03 5873 2326.

Our New Products

Natural Honey Lip BalmMPC DL FLIER
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